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Lone Goat Vineyard

Follow the cellar door parking sign around the corner and you’ll see a lovely grassy barbecue-friendly space, complete with pergola, surrounded by trees and natives. Don’t be surprised if you see owners Matt King and Marion Seyb’s children Portia and Lyndon playing in the vineyard as you drive in and chances are Gris the cat will be lounging in the sun on the lawn.

Things To Know
Located in the original Giesen Wines headquarters, and producing wine for almost 30 years, the property was renamed Lone Goat Vineyard by Matt and Marion. The name was inspired by their goat Ella, who lived next door to the vineyard, and Zoe is the current goat living up to the lone goat moniker. In addition to pinot noir, the Lone Goat team also have a selection of chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc and deliciously sweet dessert wines available for visitors to taste.

Our Picks 
The Botrytis Selection dessert wines are golden, honeyed, sweet treats to behold.