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How wines are rated

Cuisine is synonymous with its highly respected, independent wine tastings. The results over the years have formed an invaluable buying guide, allowing readers to trust the familiar Recommended by Cuisine sticker, regardless of whether they personally know the wine in the bottle.


Recommended by Cuisine


The Recommended by Cuisine bottle stickers denote wines awarded 4 stars and above in Cuisine tastings. Gold ovals indicate 5 stars, with burgundy highlighting the 4- and 4½-star wines.

Cuisine star ratings

Cuisine Wine Star Ratings

5 stars:        Outstanding quality

4½ stars:   Excellent quality, verging on outstanding

 4 stars:       Very good quality

3 stars:        Good quality


Top 5/Top 10

Cuisine Top Wine badges

 Announcement of a top-wine or Top5/Top10 placement in Cuisine is cause for celebration in the wine community.

 In each tasting (dependent upon the number of eligible wines), the Cuisine wine panel selects either a Top 5 or Top 10 from the top-scoring entries.

 After the publication of each issue of the magazine, a number of Cuisine Top 10 fine-wine stores throughout the country hold tastings for readers to sample the wines featured.

Best Buys

Cuisine Best Buys wine badge

Cuisine Best Buy wines represent an outstanding mix of quality and price.