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Crab Farm

Winemaker Hamish Jardine’s great-grandfather acquired this land as part of a debt settlement – unfortunately, much of it was covered with water and hundreds of crabs, leading to it jokingly being dubbed “Crab Farm”. Fortuitously, the 1931 Napier earthquake caused the land to rise. Housed inside what was once a large wooden implement shed, the knick-knack-filled tasting room and restaurant is a mishmash of hippie commune, voodoo lounge and tiki bar.

Things to know
The Jardine family had been farming this land for several generations before Hamish began planting grapes in the late 1980s. Explore the Bay View terroir through the wide range of wines on offer, then take a seat in the courtyard where a 360-degree fireplace warms the surrounding tables, with their odds-n-sods chairs and cutlery. Every six weeks or so, the Saturday Night Sessions feature local bands and DJs.

Our picks
The Pukera Reserve Blend is Crab Farm’s signature wine, while the fruity pinot noir is a popular cellar-door staple.

Crab Farm Restaurant 
Seafood is the star here – locals love the scallops and prawns sauteed with coriander, lime and chilli butter, served on a kumara croquette.

Hours Thurs-Sun 12pm-3pm, Fri 6pm-late