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Crossroads Wines

Head down the back road joining Taradale to Fernhill and on the left you’ll see a quaint little cream-coloured Dutch-style building that for the past 25 years has been producing some of the most sought-after wines in the country. Surrounded by pinot gris, gewurztraminer, chardonnay and various red vines, the cellar door has an enormous lawn perfect for picnics and for the kids to run around on – your furry friends are most welcome too if you can keep them under control (there are sheep in the vineyards).

Things to know
Winemaker Miles Dinneen is a local boy made good, with a stack of international accolades under his belt, and cellar-door manager Carol Siow will guide you through the range.

Our picks
While Talisman has kept wine experts guessing for decades as to its secret blend of grapes, the Milestone Series Gewurztraminer is a cellar-door favourite and the Winemakers Collection Syrah enjoys international acclaim.