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Johner Estate

It’s well worth detouring off the beaten track to explore the direct relationship between the size of a driveway’s potholes and the quality of the wines at the end of it. The inside of the octagonal tasting room feels like a tree house, with its rough-hewn timber walls and amazing, curvy counter made by two of Johner’s workers using hundreds of strips ofoak pressed together. Bubbly cellar-door manager Sara Bradey is an expert on the history of this spot and, of course, the wines.

Things To Know
The estate is owned by German winemaker Karl Johner and his wife Irene, who also operate a successful winery situated in south-west Germany. Pinot-obsessed Karl saw the potential of the Wairarapa and produced his first local vintage in 2001.

Our Picks
Gladstone Reserve Pinot Noir is succulent and concentrated; the Lyndor Cabernet Merlot has tobacco and cassis characters and you’ll love the noble sauvignon blanc – it’s zesty, passionfruity perfection.

The large LCS wine-tasting glasses are superb – enjoy the way they enhance the wines while you gaze out at the sheep grazing among the vines.