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Jurassic Ridge

According to owners neurologist Lance Blumhardt and his Italian wife Luciana, their small, passionately tended vineyard is on top of an ancient rock ridge that dates from the Jurassic period. Situated in Church Bay, Jurassic Ridge is very much a family home vineyard with some excellent varieties that few on Waiheke are making.

Things To Know
Lance is a former academic and is incredibly interesting to chat to – without much prompting he will show you maps and photos in his tasting room, explaining the evolving nature of the topography of his site and the reasons he makes the wines he has chosen. The pure varietals here include syrah, blush pinot grigio, syrah rosé, cabernet franc, montepulciano, and a sancerre-style lees-aged sauvignon blanc. No animal products are used in the production process so all of the wines are suitable for vegetarian and vegan wine lovers.

Our Picks
You have to try (or buy) the majestic Italian varietal montepulciano. Also ask to sample the remarkable cabernet franc – it shows all the complexity of an Old World wine.

Opposite the entrance to the vineyard you’ll enjoy a stunning view over Church Bay back to the city skyline of Auckland. Time your visit for late afternoon to snap a photograph of the view at sunset – after that, it’s a short and pleasant stroll to Oneroa Village for dinner.