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Longview Estate

As you drive up north on State Highway 1, look out for the small town of Otaika (it’s just before Whangarei). In a minute or so you’ll see the sun-soaked hillside vineyard of Longview Estate on your left. This is a beautiful place and the view of Whangarei Harbour from the hilltop site is captivating.

Things to know
This vineyard was established by the Vuletich family in 1969, making it Northland’s oldest. Recently, it has gained a new lease of life thanks to the return to the fold of Richard, the third-generation Vuletich. Previously making wine at the famed Moss Wood Winery in Western Australia, he is sure to take this vineyard to a new and exciting level.

Our picks
The Reserve Maree’s Malbec is intensely rich and plump, as good malbec should be. Their most popular wine, White Diamond, made from a rare grape of that name, is unashamedly sweet and fruity, and always sells out before the next vintage is harvested.

Winemaker Richard is also an artisan cider maker. He produces a seriously good, preservative- and concentrate-free apple and feijoa cider, Apple a Day.