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Mazuran’s Vineyard

As you drive along this hectic and sign-busy section of Lincoln Rd, you’ll need to watch out for the large Mazuran’s logo pointing to the cellar door, which is down a short driveway. When you walk into the cellar door, away from the bustle of the main road, it’s like stepping into a lost kingdom’s treasure room. This family-run business is headed by Rado Hladilo, with his two sons, Rado Jr and Antony, also working here. It will most likely be one of the Hladilos who will greet you at the cellar door and help you discover the magic of their slowly maturing wines.

Things To Know
The new cellar door was opened in 2010 but it retains all the old charm of its predecessor, complete with the smell of old wood and the palpable sense of history. Since 1938, Mazuran’s has solely focused on making wonderfully complex fortified wines – it’s now the only winery in the country specialising in these styles. It’s a niche market but there are many loyal Mazuran’s fans, as well as casual buyers in search of offerings from their birth year – you can find vintage ports going back to 1942.

Our Picks
The well-priced Special Reserve Port is supple and round, while Directors Port delivers all the complexity and power of a truly great blended port.