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Takatu Vineyard & Lodge

This place is impeccably styled and oozes elegance. Quietly dramatic in its architecture and beautifully furnished inside, it’s a stunning place for visitors to sample Takatu’s delectable wines. The lodge is not far from Matakana village, but it feels like you’re deep in the countryside.

Things to know
There’s a commitment here to making wines that express the land. Much of the effort at the vineyard goes into using sustainable practices with minimal intervention in the winemaking process in order to capture the unique character of this special region.

Our picks
Pinot gris is seriously good. The real star, though, is the merlot franc malbec blend that is a wonderful rendition of the classic Bordeaux. It’s rich and multi-layered with velvety mouthfeel within a beautiful frame of fine tannins.

518 Whitmore Rd, Matakana,
ph: 09-423 0299,