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Invivo X, SJP Rosé 2022 (France)

Invivo X, SJP Rosé 2022 (France)

In the world of ‘serious’ wine professionals, there’s a collective rolling of eyes when a celebrity wine is released into the market. Correction, when yet another celebrity wine is released into the market. It is true that well-known individuals have infiltrated the wine and spirits industry in recent years and, in certain vinous circles, there’s the belief that celebs should stay in their lane hawking perfume and sex tapes and stay away from the hallowed and prestigious world of wine for fear of lowering the tone.

While I’m not here to tell you that all celebrity wines are good, I am here to state some facts. Even if it were possible for a wine to ‘fluke’ a top accolade in a blind tasting among a cohort of 100 other wines, it’s not possible for two different vintages of that wine to fluke that same result two years in a row with two different sets of judges – yet this wine has done just that. So, the fact is that, regardless of what anyone thinks, the combination of Invivo winemaker Rob Cameron’s talents and Sarah Jessica Parker’s palate is a winning one.

Pale copper pink in the glass with elegant aromas of orange skin, lifted tropical fruits and dried herbs, this rosé draws you in through the nose and, wow, does the palate deliver – complex and weighted with stonefruit, apricots and just a hint of paprika spice. The palate is long, luscious and beautifully formed with presence and incredible texture. Sublime.

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