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Mud House Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Mud House Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013

“It has unmistakable varietal signature without being over the top,” noted Sam Kim. There is certainly a less is more quality to our numero uno; it flows gracefully and sensitively, leaving a trail of flint, nettle and fennel in its wake. “And it shows great essence of origin,” added James Rowan. It is a fine advertisement for an outstanding vintage, and would be a fabulous partner for a salade nicoise, well stocked with tomato and anchovy.


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The year 2013 was Adelaide-born and -trained Nadine Worley’s seventh vintage at Mud House and in New Zealand. “They’re all different,” she says, “but 2013 is certainly up there among the best.” And topping Cuisine’s sauvignon blanc tasting has made it particularly memorable for the winemaker. “What struck me about 2013 was the fruit concentration,” she says. “There was no pressure to harvest, so the grapes had a long hang-time which helps build concentration. The warm weather also gave us lovely soft acids.” Worley moved to wine after originally training as a nurse. She was lured to Marlborough after husband Peter Jackson (an Australian winemaker – not a film-maker) did a vintage in the region and was sold on it. “It’s been a great seven years,” says Worley. “Mud House is an ever-changing company. It keeps evolving so you never get bored.”

  • Sauvignon Blanc - White wine
  • Marlborough - New Zealand
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