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Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve NV

Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve NV

Most of us have heard the term ‘Champagne Charlie’, a good time guy – or gal – who enjoys fun and the finer things in life and isn’t worried about the cost. It might surprise you to know that Champagne Charlie was once a real person. Charles- Camille Heidsieck, who despite being born into an established and respected Champagne dynasty, decided to forge his own way. He founded Champagne Charles Heidsieck in 1851 when he was 29 years old.

Heidsieck was revered for his audacity and sense of adventure, but also his entrepreneurial spirit and he is credited with introducing Champagne to America. He visited the US in 1852 and immediately saw the potential in this burgeoning market. His instinct was right and it didn’t take long for Champagne to take off and reward the brand with record sales. When Heidsieck returned five years later to check on his affairs he did so as a celebrity, with mass newspaper coverage and Champagne- fuelled celebrations held in his honour. It was here that the personality of Champagne Charlie was solidified in infamy.

I think we all know a Champagne Charlie and they’re an easy type of person to love. The same can definitely be said of this spectacular Champagne. Medium in the glass, it has a lovely aromatic nose of baked bread crust with grilled lime. The palate, like the nose, is complex and weighty, rich and full with a creamy mousse, nutty characters and a mouthwatering minerality. This is a powerful Champagne with fantastic length that is very easy to love indeed. (A)

  • Champagne - Sparkling
  • Epernay - France
  • NZ $150
  • Cellar: 3 year(s)
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