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NZ Rosé 2015 Tasting results

09 December 2015 (Cuisine magazine Issue 174)

The standard of New Zealand rosés continues to rise every year, writes John Saker.

Pink is not the new white – but it’s many shades closer than it used to be. Many of the first rosés of summer were plucked and put before the Cuisine panel, which appreciated a continuation of the rise in standard noted last year. “There was a good showing of wines that have the brightness, freshness and drink-now appeal that is so important for rosé,” said panel chair John Belsham. John Saker concurred, adding that tension is also an important part of the mix: “A number of wines sagged under the weight of overt sweetness.” Of the 75 wines entered, one emerged with five stars and a further nine were awarded four stars.

The Tasting Panel
The NZ sauvignon blanc tasting panel also tasted NZ rosé.

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  • Outstanding 1
  • Very Good 9
  • Good 18
  • No Award 47
  • Total Entries 75